Zucchini Kofta

I’m pretty tired of zucchini. It’s the end of summer and I’ve been eating them all season. But my garden isn’t quite done yet so I’m looking for something interesting to do with them. I love malai kofta, so when I saw a recipe for Zucchini Kofta on page 148 of Indian Vegetarian Cooking at Your House I was intrigued. But I’ve never found a recipe in this cookbook that really worked, so I commenced with caution.

In the end the results were mixed. The results were delicious but the ratio of kofta to sauce was very off. I ended up only making half of the kofta and still didn’t have enough sauce for them. I’m going to try making this again, but will really mess with the sauce recipe. I’d also like to try baking the kofta instead of frying them.


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