Vegan Carne Asada Taco Bowl

I wanted to make taco bowls without beans, since I’m trying to avoid beans. So I went looking for a seitan recipe that would work well in a taco bowl. I thought this vegan carne asada recipe looked interesting.

I used broth instead of orange juice for the liquid, since I didn’t have any juice on hand and I’m avoiding fruit. I precut the seitan into strips instead of cooking it as whole “steaks” like the recipe calls for. Honestly, the seitan didn’t seem that different than if I had just sauteed it in the pan with some oil. The seitan didn’t absorb the flavors and most of it seemed to end up in the pan. Maybe this issue was not using the orange juice, but somehow I’m skeptical. I think maybe marinating just isn’t a good strategy for seitan that’s going to get cooked in a pan.

I made messy rice from veganomicon, which I’ve made before and liked. But the rice ended up a little undercooked. I think maybe the liquid is off? Next time I’d add a bit more.

I’ve got tons of volunteer tomatillos in my garden this year. So for the sauce I made this avocado and roasted tomatillo salsa from the New York times. It was really convenient that the tomatillos are roasted on the stove instead of in the oven. The salsa was all right, but not as flavorful as a would have hoped. It definitely needed a bit of tweaking. I added some vegan mayo to make it creamier, which helped. And also some extra lemon juice. The flavor still didn’t seem quite right.

To top it all off, I made the cherry tomato salsa from Fresh Food Fast that goes with the black bean tostadas. That’s a simple stand by salsa recipe I love an have used many times.

All in all, this taco bowl was underwhelming. I ate it, but the undercooked rice didn’t get finished and ended up in the trash. The flavors didn’t really work super well together and the textures seemed off as well. Alas, my quest for a great low FODMAP taco bowl continues.


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