Crispy Potato Kugel

Potato kugel is a staple Ashkenazi dish that I’ve eaten many many times. But I don’t actually like it all that much. It’s always kind of bland and uninspiring, especially next to the triumph that is my grandma’s dairy dairy kugel. Still, for some reason I decided to make potato kugel recently. I found this recipe for crispy kugel (which actually translates to extra oil) on New York Times. Usually I cut down the oil in recipes, but I kept this about the same as what the recipe calls for. Totally worth it.

I adapted the recipe to make it low fodmap. I used onion oil instead of an onion. Then I added a bunch of chopped wild onions (green parts only) to the potatoes. The recipe doesn’t specify an amount of sale. I think I used 1.5 or 2 tsp table salt.

The dish came out so flavorful. I think it has more egg than the average kugel, which makes it more satisfying than most. This dish is an absolute winner. I’ll definitely keep it in my back pocket for guests. It’s easy and something everyone (but vegans) will like. Just be sure to have some greek yogurt or sour cream on hand when serving.


Gluten Free Sweet Potato Casserole

Growing up I didn’t like sweet potatoes. And I don’t like marshmallows. So I’ve never really been into sweet potato casserole. But recently I got some sweet potato casserole at a grocery store hot bar and really enjoyed it. So I thought I’d try making the dish for Thanksgiving. I wanted to make a version without marshmallows and my friend is gluten free. It took my a while to find a recipe with a topping that fit the bill, and this recipe from the New York Times looked like the best option.

But it wasn’t good. It was way way too sweet. The orange juice, which seemed like a good idea, just added more unwanted sweetness. And the brown sugar in the topping was basically like eating candy. We barely ate it.

Leek and Bean Cassoulet

This recipe is from page 172 of Veganomicon. This is a leek and bean stew with biscuits floating in it. I love leeks, I love bisquits. Is it any wonder that I love this recipe? I try not to make it often since it’s pretty decadent. I made it once for my old roommates and they loved it. Then I made it for my family and they didn’t. I suppose a leek biscuit combo is a specific taste? Whatever it is I have it.