Sheet Pan Crisp Tofu and Sweet Potatoes

I’d had a sweet potato in my house for a while that I needed to use. This recipe looked interesting, so I borrowed Ian’s non-broken oven to make it. The results were mixed. The recipe is very sloppily written and the proportions of sweet potato to tofu are very off. But the flavors were good. I’d make it again, fixing the instructions and the proportions.

The recipe doesn’t call to oil the pans before putting the tofu or sweet potatoes in them. This. seemed like a big mistake to me so I oiled them ahead of tie.

It’s very unclear in its instructions for preparing the tofu. It says “Toss half the mixture with the tofu, then toss in cornstarch”. I’m really not sure how you are supposed to “toss” cut tofu without breaking it. And there’s only a tablespoon of cornstarch in the recipe, which is not enough for a block of tofu in any format. I ended up using my mother’s tried and true method for making baked tofu. I dipped the slices in the liquid mixture and then dipped in the cornstarch. I needed to use more cornstarch than the recipe called for- maybe 3 tbsp? Despite this major glitch, the tofu was super tasty. I’d definitely make it again. But it was gone long before the sweet potato. I do not buy that this recipe makes 4 servings as it says. In my experience, no matter what it say on the package, a block of tofu makes 2-3 servings, depending on the appetite of the people you’re serving. Next time I make this I’d 1.5 the tofu. The recipe also doesn’t mention flipping the tofu, which I did half way through.

Do not skip the scallions in vinegar. They make the dish. So simple and so tasty. I also think some sesame seeds sprinkled on top would have been good as well. I’d add them next time.


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